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     The Philadelphia Ship Model Society, launched 7 January 1931, is
            dedicated to preserve, enhance, research and perpetuate
                      American and other nautical traditions through
                                           the art of ship modeling.

The Philadelphia Ship Model Society was founded in 1931, making it one of the oldest continuously active ship model clubs in the United States.  We are devoted to the building of both radio controlled and static ship models; and to the study of Naval and Maritime history.

The PSMS meets monthly on the first Thursday of each month at 7:00 PM.   Our meetings are held at the Independence Seaport Museum.  Please click on "Calendar" to the left for a schedule of our meetings and events; and "Club Headquarters" for directions

Our monthly meetings include an interesting program on techniques of model building or naval history, and often feature a guest speaker.  We enjoy wonderful camaraderie, great programs, and fantastic refreshments!

Our members vary from novice builders to master craftsmen, cover a wide age range, and consist of both men and women.  We are all there to learn, to discuss our hobby and for the love of ships.  Many, but not all, are former members of the military.  Others just love the look of the ships and the lore of the sea!

The ship models that our members have built include static ships of every era, radio controlled ships of every era, square rigged sailing vessels, paddle wheeled ships, Military ships, submarines and aircraft carriers.  If it floats or moves on the water, we are interested in it!

2013 Officers

President:Francine Serratore
Vice President:Mike Zimmerman
Treasurer:Ed Leaf
Secretaries:Barbara Zimmerman & Alice McElhinney

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